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How to Enjoy GilGraves Wine

Wherever you are in Australia, you can always get your hands on GilGraves Wine


“Nature herself is the author of wine. Nothing added nothing lost”

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Award Winners.

We’re honoured to have received a Gold Medal from Wine Showcase Magazine for our 2017 GilGraves Rosé, receiving 93 points overall.

This wine is a pale golden peach colour with abundant aromatics, including apricot and rose petal. It features apricot, dried apple, strawberry and slight rosemary spice.

This low intervention wine has minimal sulphur and is a refreshingly savoury dry wine.


What people are saying about GilGraves Wines

The GilGraves family vineyard is a pint-sized affair in Axedale, located somewhere between Heathcote and Bendigo. They’ve been releasing small batch wines eked out off their own plot, and here bolstered with fruit from Chalmers in Heathcote. The wines are produced by the crew at Boomtown. It’s all great fun, kinda cool, and the resulting wine is great! And value! They’re down that natural wine pathway somewhere in winemaking/growing, as a reference. Not much not to like here.

- Mike Bennie, Wine Front (

Our vineyard is located near Axedale, half way between Bendigo and Heathcote in central Victoria. 

In 2011 we started developing the vineyard, planting four varieties of vines, shiraz, Malbec, Sangiovese and Viognier. We now have 2550 vines. We consider nature herself to be the author of wine, hence we employed minimal intervention principles from the beginning with the dorper sheep being responsible for weed control. 

Just as in food we believe in the principle of nothing added nothing lost. We are uniting the wine growing and wine making low intervention principles to produce  authentic soulful wines.

In March 2019 we picked 3 ton of our own GilGraves Estate grapes, Shiraz, Sangiovese and Malbec and a small amount of Viognier.

We are now celebrating the release from our vineyard of the GilGraves 2018 estate grown Shiraz/Malbec/Sangiovese made by Tim at Boomtown in Castlemaine. This is a genorous and plush wine with well developed structurre, met with an abundance of fruit. It has a deep red hue with a well rounded style with rich spice plum characteristics.

This is a full vineyard, true field blend style, with one pick of the entire vineyard fermented together. In 2018 we yielded 1.4 tonne at an average baume of approximately 12.9. Fruit was destemmed and fermented in an open top fermenter, utilising available native yeasts only. Pressed after 18 days, settled and moved to seasoned oak barrels for maturating. Malolactic ferment in spring, racked and sulphured in December and bottled in January.

For a field blend, this is exquisitely balanced regarding ripeness…nothing too over nor under ripe in the mix. A challenge to get right, but 18 was a great year.

Validation of the hard work in the vines to this point, and the promise of a bright future for harvests still to come said Tim from Boomtown.

The GilGraves Rose 2018 sold out earlier this year, with the 2019 vintage due for release later this year. The Cabernet Sauvignon is grown on sedimentary soils south of the Heathcote G.I.

We have also just released the GilGraves 2018 Sangiovese, again made by Tim from Boomtown. The grapes are from the Chalmers family on the Cambrian soils in Heathcote. One tonne of handpicked fruit, was picked in March , 2018 from Chalmers vineyard, Colbinabbinbin, at  a baume of 12.6. This fruit was destemmed without crushing and transferred into an open pot fermenter. Wild yeast ferment, with no additions during ferment. Fermentation took 3 weeks in total. The fruit was then pressed and settled of gross lees in tanks , and  transferred to seasoned french oak when dry. Malolactic fermentation finished in October and the wine was racked in December, with a small sulphur addition and bottled in January of 2019. 

A youthful expression of Sangiovese, with a bright red hue and  palate of raspberry and subtle spice draped along a structure of firm, fine tannin. Not too ripe, not too extracted. A sweet/savoury balance that is too easy to enjoy.

A new and exciting GilGraves wine will be released September this year, our first Viogner…..Watch this space!